Anyone with a sweet tooth will appreciate a good snack dipped in chocolate or caramel sauce.This Spanish snack/dessert will definitely satisfy any cravings for sweet things.IF you have never heard of Churros it seems like you have been living under a rock. This deep fried pastry rolled in cinnamon sugar and dipped in hot chocolate sauce has become very popular in the last decade. Churros originated from Spain, it was a popular snack among shepherds living in the mountains. Since they are very simple to make and easy to carry around, Churros are the perfect snack for the outdoors. There is also another theory that the Portuguese brought a Chinese savory fried pastry recipe called Youtiau, from their expedition to Asia during the Ming Dynasty, which then was altered to become a sweet dough recipe. This recipe then spread to Spain.
Time to raid the pantry and gather up some ingredients! Ingredients 250 ml water100 gr butter250 gr all-purpose flour3 eggs, beaten1/4 teaspoon saltVegetable oil…

Creamy Risotto

Italian food is undoubtedly one of the most popular foods in the world. Pizza and pasta can be found in every corner of the world and cooked by many home cooks for dinners and family gatherings. Another famous Italian dish is Risotto. Although this dish is not as famous as the other two due to its tedious cooking method, when done correctly, it is guaranteed to be one of the best things you have had for dinner. Risotto is a rice dish that is slowly cooked by gradually adding liquid or stock to the rice over a low heat. A special kind of short grain rice called Arborio is used as it contains a lot of starch and can hold its shape during cooking process. The proper way of cooking risotto can take up to 25 minutes of your undivided attention, constantly stirring a pan of rice. The creaminess of the dish comes from the starch of the rice released by the act of stirring and the addition of parmesan cheese and butter makes a light yet creamy risotto.
This simple Mushroom Risotto recipe will …

Sharing is Caring, The Megibung Tradition

Food plays an important part in many kinds of festivities. From birthday parties to corporate meetings, it is undeniable that without great food, any gathering would be incomplete. Any heated discussion can be solved over a great meal. In Bali, there is a deep rooted culture called Megibung, which is a tradition of eating together from the same big platter, called a “Dulang”.

This tradition originated from Karangasem in East Bali. Up to 7 people can sit around the table and enjoy a feast of various dishes on the platter. Typically, a platter would consist of Balinese style roast chicken dish, a type of meat skewers, lawar or steamed vegetables with shredded coconut and few other vegetables or tofu dishes. 

Megibung Is more than just eating together but it is also a chance to have an open communication in the community. This tradition is unfortunately slowly fading away due to the tendencies of individuality in modern society.

To prepare such feast would be quite a task, fortunately, Waru…

Simple Flour Tortillas

Comfort foods come in many shapes and forms and from many different cultures and cuisines. Mexican food is one of the most flavour intense comfort/street foods known to man. How can anyone resist a warm soft flour tortillas filled with perfectly spiced pork, beef, chicken or even fish? As if it is not good enough chopped tomatoes with fresh coriander, lime and avocadoes are also huddling inside that warm tortillas. Fresh ingredients are key to any cooking but in Mexican cuisine, it is beyond mandatory. The abundance or absence of fresh tomatoes, onions, limes, coriander, limes and avocadoes can easily make or break your dish. Of course another aspect of a great taco is that soft flour tortilla and crispy corn tortilla: The vessel that carries all the freshness into your mouth. Corn tortillas are made with Masa Harina, a special kind of corn flour made of ground corn and lime. Masa Harina cannot be substituted by another type of corn flour. It can be quite a challenge to find this produc…

Beef Rendang

Voted the best food in the world by CNN travel in 2011 and again in 2017, Rendang proves that the world is more than ready to embrace the spice. Rendang originated from West Sumatra where spices are heavily used. The area is famous for thick curries, green chili sambal and almost everything is drench in red chili paste. Rendang is basically beef curry cooked for hours, resulting beef so tender it falls apart and the coconut milk based sauce intensely flavors every fiber of the beef. To create the authentic recipe will take years of practice and hours patience but fear not, this following recipe will definitely up your cooking game and start impressing your dinner guests with half the hassle.

Ingredients  Spice Blend 12 cloves garlic300 g red chili250 g onions4 candlenuts5 cloves50 g ginger50 g galangal50g of fresh turmeric11/2 tsp cumin11/2 tsp ground coriander1 tbsp. salt1 tsp sugar

Aromatics 4 stalks lemongrass3 pieces kaffir lime leaves1 piece tamarind

1 kg beef, top side cut into 4 cm sq…

Chicken Biryani

Indian cooking is one of the most flavorful and fragrant cuisines in the world, using a wide range of herbs and spices. The main staples are legumes, grains, vegetables and fruits. Dal or lentil and rice are two of the main ingredients found in Indian cooking. 

Although at a glance all Indian food looks the same; curries, yoghurt, vegetarian options, dried fruits, lentils and rice, the regions will show contrasting flavor profiles and specific ingredients used. In Kerala, vegetarian cooking is predominant and due to its coastal location fresh fish and coconut milk are in abundance. While in Delhi, as it is a big city and influenced by many cultures, street food from all over India are thriving as well as western food such as sandwiches and burgers. 
One dish that is made throughout India, from the far Northern to the South is Biryani. A rice dish cooked in spices and served with meat or vegetables. A good Biryani dish can surely spice up you weekday dinner.
Chicken Biryani
Marinated for C…

Meat Pie

Meat Pie is one of Australia and New Zealand’s classic dish. Every household has their own mum’s recipe, sworn to be the best beef pie in the continent. A great beef pie holds its shape, flaky golden brown crust with beef in thick flavorful gravy. 
In 1891, pie manufacturer Sargent produced their first meat pie and soon after, other pie manufacturers followed suit. Meat Pies are so popular in Australia and New Zealand, in 2017 Australians eat 270 million pies and New Zealander eat 66 million pies.
This simple recipe of Meat Pies has aromatic rosemary in it to give more depth to the gravy.
800 grams beef, top side cut, cut into 2 cm cube1 onion, chopped2 garlic cloves, finely hopped1 teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary2 tablespoons All Purpose flour2 tablespoons olive oil400 milliliter beef stock2 tablespoons tomato paste2 sheets of pie crust dough2 sheets of frozen puff pastry sheet1 egg, lightly whiskedTomato sauce, to serve

Preheat heavy bottom pan, add oil and cook the bee…