Meat Pie

Meat Pie is one of Australia and New Zealand’s classic dish. Every household has their own mum’s recipe, sworn to be the best beef pie in the continent. A great beef pie holds its shape, flaky golden brown crust with beef in thick flavorful gravy. 
In 1891, pie manufacturer Sargent produced their first meat pie and soon after, other pie manufacturers followed suit. Meat Pies are so popular in Australia and New Zealand, in 2017 Australians eat 270 million pies and New Zealander eat 66 million pies.
This simple recipe of Meat Pies has aromatic rosemary in it to give more depth to the gravy.
800 grams beef, top side cut, cut into 2 cm cube1 onion, chopped2 garlic cloves, finely hopped1 teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary2 tablespoons All Purpose flour2 tablespoons olive oil400 milliliter beef stock2 tablespoons tomato paste2 sheets of pie crust dough2 sheets of frozen puff pastry sheet1 egg, lightly whiskedTomato sauce, to serve

Preheat heavy bottom pan, add oil and cook the bee…


French cuisine has brought so many great dishes, savory and sweet, to the world. Delicious pastries are one of the best things about French cooking. The perfect combination of butter, flour and milk creates a flaky and flavorful pastry. Quiche is one of the perfect French pastries to be enjoyed on any occasion. The buttery crust filled with egg custard with various fillings. 

Quiche originated from Germany, first called  “kuchen” or cake, during the medieval times where the Germans ruled the area of Lothringen. Quiche was an open pie of cream, egg and bacon with a crust made of bread dough. When the French took over the land and changed the name into Lorraine, the dish began to be called as Quiche Lorraine, the crust then evolved into the buttery flaky crust that we all know and love. This particular dish then became popular in the UK during the second world war and today it can be found almost everywhere in the world with various fillings.
Quiche Lorraine Recipe: Crust 1½ teaspoons salt1…


The Japanese are known for their intelligence and discipline in whatever they do. This attitude also translates into their most popular food, Sushi. Sushi is the type of food that looks simple and easy to make but in reality a lot of preparation and attention to detail play a large role in making great sushi. To become a good sushi Chef, one must master the intricate and detailed process of creating a plate of Sushi.

Sushi rice is unlike any other rice in Asian cuisine. Short grain Japanese rice is used, cooked to perfection and mixed with the perfect ratio of rice vinegar, sugar and salt. In some cases, kombu or kelp and sake are added to add another layer of flavor. The rice is mixed with the vinegar mixture and allowed to cool until it is manageable with bare hands.
Someone who is looking to become a Itamae or Sushi Chef, must undergo years of training under a Master Itamae. After five years of following orders and helping on the job, they will be involved in making the most importa…

Bali Wines

On this holiday island, wine and spirits are in high demand, from top shelf items to homemade spirits. In the last decade, most tourists would steer clear of locally made wine and spirits but times are changing! Local wines are constantly improving and can now match or exceed the quality of some imported wines. Competitive prices certainly make more people interested in trying and eventually becoming a fan of locally produced wines.
When talking about wine of Bali, it would only be appropriate to mention the first Bali winery, Hatten Wines. The winery started producing wine in 1992, using an unconventional grape variety grown on the NorthCoast of the island. Their first production was Rose, which seemed fitting to the islands tropical climate. The Rosé gained popularity for hotels and restaurants as it is a great value product. The winery did not stop there, with the help of French winemakers they work on applying méthode champenoise to their wine and producing quality Sparkling Wines.…

Indonesian Satay

Satay or sate in Bahasa Indonesian spelling, is small pieces of seasoned meat, skewered, grilled and served with sauce. A dish widely popular in Asia; Indonesia and Malaysia are the two countries where satay can be commonly found. Chicken, mutton and beef are typically used in both countries as the majority of the population are Moslem.
The great thing about Indonesia is the diversity of religion, culture and cuisines. The island of Java with a Moslem majority, use plenty of chicken and mutton but if you travel to a different part of the country such as Borneo, North Sumatra and Bali, people eat pork. 
The most popular satay has to be Sate Ayam or Chicken Satay, served with sweet peanut sauce and rice or rice cakes. The chicken thigh is cut up into small pieces and each skewer will have 4 pieces of meat. The raw satay is then marinated with sweet soy sauce and garlic before being cooked over a charcoal grill. Since the meat is a small size, the skewers do not take long to cook. After be…

Baked Pasta

The best thing about Sunday is being able to sit and have a meal with your family. The stress from a daily routine should melt away with wonderful company and amazing food. Who can pass freshly baked pasta straight out of the oven for a Sunday dinner? Lasagna and cannelloni are the most famous traditional Italian baked pasta dishes that can be enjoyed anytime. Traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation keep the dish authentic.

Cannelloni is shaped like a tube to be filled with meat sauce or spinach and ricotta which is then covered with more tomato sauce and bechamel. You don’t need to be a professional chef to bake a great cannelloni with this simple recipe!
Beef Cannelloni Filling: 1 kg minced beef1 tbsp. olive oil1000 ml tomato basil sauce400 g dried cannelloni tubes

Bechamel: 50 g butter50 g plain flour500 ml whole milk

Topping: 100 g parmesan, grated

Filling: Sautee the beef in a pan on a medium-high heat until browned. Remove and set aside. Add the oil and the 60…

The Perfect Burger

Who doesn’t love a good juicy burger? A perfectly grilled thick beef patty in between a soft burger bun is perfect to be eaten at any time of the day. Technically a sandwich, practically anything under the sun can be inside. The most common additions would be bacon, egg and onion to the somewhat acquired taste such as artichoke, beetroot and foie gras.
Although we can go in so many directions with burgers, sometimes simplicity is perfection. Get your grill fired up because we are about to start cooking some great burgers!
The Burger
Beef Patty 500 g beef mince1 onion finely chopped2 tsp garlic chopped1/4 cup breadcrumb2 eggs beaten2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

The Burger 120 g beef patty30 g crispy bacon20 gr mushroom button, sautéed20 g white onion, caramelized20 gr pickled jalapeno, sliced20 gr gherkin, sliced1 slice American White cheddar cheese2 leaves of iceberg lettuce15 g tomato sauce5 g yellow mustard1 pcs burger bun, toasted

Method: Beef Patty: Place beef mince in a bowl and add all ing…